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Franz Strasser is a Reporter and Video Journalist with BBC News in Washington, D.C.

He reports, shoots and edits original video stories for the BBC News website, the global networks of BBC World TV and World Service radio, writes feature articles and assists with breaking news coverage.

Most of the time he travels across the country as one-man-band to report feature stories on culture, trends and immigration. Since joining the BBC, he covered the Gulf Coast oil spill, two Olympics and the 2010 US midterm elections.

In the fall of 2009, Franz travelled across his former home country of Eastern Germany to report on the changes to society and economy two decades after reunification. The 14-day journey was published in a video blog on the BBC News website.

The video blog was continued in the summer of 2010 during a two-week trip across America to capture the life of recent immigrants.

Prior to joining the BBC in September 2009, Franz spent the summer at Thomson Reuters in New York, where he was the multimedia intern for Reuters.com.

In May 2009, he received his Master of Science with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York. He was awarded a Pulitzer Travel Fellowship for graduating at the top of the class, and the Joan Konner Award for Best Broadcast Student.

In Germany, Franz studied American Studies and Economics at Humboldt University in Berlin, where he received his Bachelor of Arts.

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How I work

My favorite part about being a journalist is finding new stories or interesting, fresh angles within big events. I love talking to ordinary people in unexpected places or situations.

I consider reporting to be the most important aspect of my current job and take great pride in finding a large majority of the stories I’m working on.

See the stories I am most proud of in my Portfolio.

I am trained to shoot on Sony’s Z series, EX1, and Canon’s 7D. I use the Flipcam, a GoPro camera and my iPhone with a dolly to get interesting shots for my stories.

I consider myself a very visual person and love to spend time out in the field getting the shot just right.

I’ve edited with Avid, Final Cut Pro, and ProTools (audio) and use After Effects and Motion to create graphics or data visualizations within my stories.

I am a big believer in social media and it’s power to connect us to our audience. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Delicious, Storify, etc to preview stories, take my viewers along for the ride, and track feedback to my stories.

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Following are actual quotes from veteran journalists who have seen me work.

He is a thoughtful reporter who can take complex subjects and make them understandable.

Peter Landis

Franz was generous with his time and his talent. He is a natural leader who leads quietly. He never gets ruffled.

Rhoda Lipton

Franz has the gift of natural talent but he does not take it for granted. He is always working. He is determined to go beyond the obvious and become a first-rate reporter and producer.

Marty Goldensohn